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Carb Kit Jeep 72-78 CJ w/258 CI 6 Cyl 32/36 W/PR

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Empi Performance 32/36 EPC Carburetors Kits have a primary and a secondary that allow a very controlled driving experiance with both fuel ecomomy and preformance when you need to put your "Foot" into it. These kits come with the necessary installation hardware and instructions. Kits come with everyting in the photo. Jetting out of the box Primary Air 1.60 Secondary Air 1.70 Primary Main 1.45 Secondary Main 1.45 Accel Pump 0.50 Primary Idle 0.75 Secondary Idle 0.60 Secondary Venturi 3.5 Needle Valve 2.00. This kit Also comes with  a 60 Primary Idle jet, 175 Primary Main Jet, 170 Secondary Main Jet and a 70 Pump included that you will want to change prior to installing the kit.

This kit come with a fuel regulator, mounting bracket and fittings.
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