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Air Cooled VW Spring Plate/Torsion bar removal

Tech Article – Spring plate/torsion bar removal.
Submitted by our foum member “treelineracing”

Folks, Don asked me to post this, hope it s of some assistance….
So you need to remove you rear torsion bars, or spring plates, or maybe change the pre-load on the suspension ?
Had the same need myself a while back, and came across some info that may be helpful.
If you already know to do this, or have some other info or suggestions, then feel free to add, ask questions, or provide comment.

Firstly a disclaimer: ā€“ the following also is intended to be a guide only, Iā€™m not a trained mechanic,
but I do maintain my own buggy, and have attempted to use both of the following techniques, one more successfully than the other.
If you attempting these activities, you do so at your own risk,
and I accept no liability for anything that may occur, other than the smile on your face when it works correctly.

Parts you might need ā€“ link to category Rear Suspension Parts

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By jcchirco@gmail.com on September 24, 2009 | How To's, Suspension
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