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IRS Tranny Removal and Replacement

IRS Tranny Removal and Replacement

Place the shift lever in first or third gear.

Take out the rear seat and unhook the negative cable from the battery.

Remove the inspection cover for he shift rod coupling and take out the bolt behind the coupling.

Move the shift lever to second or fourth in order to unhook the shift rod from the coupling.

Raise the vehicle and support it securely on jack-stands. Take off the rear wheels (swing axle models only).

Drain the transaxle fluid.

Take out the engine.

Disconnect and plug the rear brake lines.

Use a chisel to make alignment marks on the spring plate and the axleshaft bearing housing to ensure proper realignment during reassembly, on all models with swing axles.

Parts you might needlink to category Transaxle Parts

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Exploded View IRS Rear Bearings and Seals

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Trouble Shooting – Manual transaxle

There is knocking noise at low speeds.

The driveaxle constant velocity (CV) joint(s) are worn.

Noise most pronounced when turning.

There is differential gear noise.

Clunk on acceleration or deceleration

The engine or transaxle mounts are loose.

The differential pinion shaft in case if worn.

The damaged driveaxle CV joints are worn.
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