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Re-assembling a VW Type 1 Crankshaft

We are starting with a New counter weighted 69mm crank shaft.

Lets get started, we have our new 69mm counterweighted crankshaft and re-built connecting rods. Both of these pieces are covered with cosmolene so they will not rust. We are going to put them in the hot tank to get this off.

Now we are ready. We use an engine stand with a welded to a piece of pipe, the we screw the flywheel end into it. This allows us to rotate the crank while we work on it.

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How to tell the difference between a dish and flat cam

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Air Cooled engines had two types of cams. 1961 to 1971 had a Flat cam that had three rivets and a Dished cam 1972 to 1979 that had four rivets.
If you are going to upgrade or replace your oil pump, you first need to know what cam you have and the order the pump to match the cam. If you are going to order an aftermarket performance cam, you will need to purchase an oil pump for a flat cam.

All performance cams have a bolt on cam gear that is a Flat gear.

In the photo below, the early style cam is on the left and the dished cam is on the right.

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