VW Beetle CV Joint – Overhaul and boot replacement

Tech Article – CV Joint – overhaul and boot replacement
Note: The following procedure applies to either CV joint on either driveaxle.
Raise the rear of the vehicle and support it securely on jack-stands.

Take off the driveaxle(s).

Place the driveaxle o a clean working surface.

Work around the outer circumference and dislodge the collar form the joint housing, using a punch and hammer.

Paint or scribe across the components so they can be reinstalled in the same relationship.

Take off the snap-ring form the end of the axle.

Parts you might needlink to category CV’s and Drive Axles

Push the axleshaft out of the joint with your thumbs.

Note the direction in which it is installed, in order to remove the boot,
and remove the concave washer from the axleshaft with pliers and then slide the boot off the end of the axleshaft.

Now align the ball bearings with the grooves in the outer race and separate the outer race from the inner.

Remove the balls from the race.

Using solvent, wash the components and dry them thoroughly.

Look over the balls, splines and races for damage, corrosion, wear and cracks.

The entire CV joint must be replaced with a new one if any of the components are not serviceable.

Press the balls into the race until they snap into place.

Reassemble the inner and outer bearing races.

Being careful to guide it over the splines, install the boot on the shaft.

Slide the concave washer onto the shaft splines and press it into position with a suitable deep socket.

Put a small amount of CV joint grease into the boot.

Using CV joint grease, pack the bearing assembly.

Using a small amount of grease, lubricate the splines and slide the CV joint into place,
making sure the marks made during removal are aligned.

Secure the joint with the snap-ring and tap the boot collar onto the joint groove.
Now put in the hose clamps and tighten them securely.

Install the driveaxle(s).

Finally, lower the vehicle.

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