VW Beetle Pedal cluster – removal and installation

Pedal cluster – removal and installation

On models that have a manual transaxle, the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals are mounted on a common shaft which is bolted to the left side of the center tunnel. There s no clutch pedal on models equipped with an Automatic Stick Shift – the brake pedal is wider and has two arms attached to a common bushing.

Unhook the clutch cable from the clutch release lever at the transaxle.

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Try the accelerator pedal return spring aside, pull out the accelerator pedal pivot pin and remove the accelerator pedal.

Now pry the master cylinder pushrod clip out of the way and remove the pivot pin.

Take out the pedal cluster mounting bolts.

Pull out the pedal cluster and the (still connected) clutch cable. Unhook the clutch cable.

The clutch pedal is pressed onto the end of the clutch pedal shaft and secured with a small pin that is driven through the pedal and the shaft. Mark the end of the shaft and the pedal to make sure that the hole in the pedal and the hole in the shaft are realigned during reassembly.

Drive out the pin which secures the clutch pedal to the shaft using a hammer and a narrow punch.

Now pull off the clutch pedal. Tap if off with a soft faced hammer if it won t budge.

Take off the snap-ring that holds the brake pedal on the pedal cluster.

Pull the brake pedal off the pedal cluster.

Take off the clutch pedal shaft. Look it over for burrs and nicks after wiping the shaft off. Clean it up with emery or crocus cloth if it s damaged.

Installation is the reverse of removal. It s probably a good idea to adjust the brake master cylinder pushrod clearance and the clutch cable.

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