Removing an Engine from a VW Beetle

Removing an Engine from a Beetle

We would like to show you how to remove an engine from a Beetle. Whether you have an early beetle or a late model beetle, removing it from the car has the same principals.

We had a late model car come in that the engine had to be pulled out. Now our service guys have been removing engines from VW’s for 50 years, well maybe a little less since we are not yet 50 :) . But if this is your first time it would be helpful to know what to expect.

There are 4 bolts holding the engine on to the transmission. The studs go through the engine case first, meaning the nuts will be on the transmission side. There are studs that stay in place on the engine in the lower position. The two on top are bolts. Also there is an input-shaft coming out of the middle of the transmission that goes directly through the pressure plate into the pilot bearing.

OK now you can visualize what your working with, lets start disconnecting items attached to the engine. First the fuel line, your fuel line probably will be threaded through the fan shroud and attached to the fuel pump. Disconnect it and plug it off so your fuel does not drain out. Then disconnect the accelerator cable that attaches to your carburetor linkage.

Disconnect your heater tubes that connects to your exchange boxes. You also have the small heater control wires, one on each side. Now the wiring, you have wiring connected in two locations. First the Alternator/Generator has a group of wires. Use a piece of masking tape to mark your wires if you are un-sure were to put them back.

The coil also has a group of wires that have to be removed. Again, mark them so they go back in the correct position. Then the front breast plate must come out. Undo the screws and lift it out.

Now for the fun part, removing the bolts the connect the engine to the transmission. We really like the ratcheting wrenches so you do not have to keep realigning your wrench.. The one bolt that you can get to from the engine compartment is the starter bolt located on the passenger side of the car. The other three you get from under the car.

Now put a floor jack directly under the oil sump cover. If your car is not on a lift, you will have to jack up the car from the brace under the transmission. Now we have the other three bolts out and our engine is resting on the input-shaft and the two bottom bolts, Make sure the car is resting on jack stands and is very secure.

It is time to separate the engine from the transmission, we grabbed the exhaust pipe pee shooters and did a little wiggle, wiggle, jerk. Or maybe it was a wiggle, jerk, wiggle? But it came right out with not a lot of effort. Then we needed to lower the engine down on the jack.

Slowly, he lower the jack that the engine was resting on. He then rolled the engine out from under the car and Wah-lah! If you have any questions about this procedure, please call us here at the shop.

Author: on September 21, 2009
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