Tech Article – Replacing the starter bushing.

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Tech Article – Replacing the starter bushing.
Submitted by our forum member “corrosion”

To replace the $2 starter bushing is actually a easy thing to do and there are two different ways to do it.

1. With the engine out and the tranny still in and the starter out, you can simply drive the bushing out with a punch.

2. Remove the starter and then take a 3/8 tap and run it in until it hits the backing plate. Once it hits the backing plate keep turning until the bushing comes out. It will work up the threads of the tap. If it just spins after the tap is fully engaged, you can then pull or pry the bushing out.

I tried the easy out method and ended up splitting the bushing with a small cold chisel and pulling it out with pliers. Needless to say, I will never get that two hours back.

Good luck.

Author: on September 21, 2009
Category: Electrical, Engine and Trans

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