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Vegas Day 1: First Thoughts

What goes through a guy’s mind at 4am as he’s waiting for his ride to pick him up?


Kygbtscfeyufjn duyhwks swytyuwgdf dgdy ywfkuiwe ywyuds dnfhj yswifd!


Why are you awake? Do you not know it’s 4? Are you out of your mind? Why do you carry “composition” books when all you do is sketch in them? Is it rude to carry a mini tripod in your front pocket in hopes that you will be able to make the “happy to see me” joke? How many cool VWs are you about to see? How many cool VW people? Is that a snake? Oh…it’s just your knee.

Maybe it doesn’t make a whole heck of a lot of sense, but then again that’s pretty much what this guy thinks about all day.

How fun is that?

p.s. Yeah…that is an old issue of CARtoons Magazine. I have stacks going back to the 70’s…with iron-ons. :)

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