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Vegas Prep: The Hardest Part

Ok…I knew this moment was coming, and I avoided it like I used to avoid Mark Smith beatings in elementary school, but the time arrived.
Every VW person knows the hardest part of going on a road trip and not taking your car is of course…telling your car.
Mistie did not take it well.


Vegas Prep: 14 hours with Don.

The excitement of going to Vegas aside, the harsh reality of the fact that I will be in a vehicle with Don for 14 hours has set in.
I know I know, we work together and blah blah blah, but this is a road trip! Not only do I have to put up with rock cover [...]

An air cooled oddity

One of the big benefits is that you get to see things like this. The creativity of VW people is like no other people.

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Saturday Matinee 6/27

Here’s the video from last nites’ Saturday Matinee.
The good folks at Sonic gave us a great deal and a venue to hold our little get together. It was a beautiful evening, nice temp and good food.
Thanks to Sonic and everyone who came out. We will be doing evenings for the rest of the [...]

Bugtoberfest 2008

This page contains links to movies and the photo galleries of the 13th Annual Bugtoberfest.

- Pictures -

Click here to View the photos in our Flikr album

- Videos -

Click to see Video of the Tucson Perimeter Cruise

Click to see Video of the Pre-Show BBQ

Click to see Video of the show #1

Click to see Video of the [...]

Chirco Feature: Meet Clyde

Brian is a Chirco forum member and an active member of the Daily Driven Dubz – Phoenix Family. His 66 Deluxe is one special vehicle.
1966 Deluxe Beetle
1641cc, dual 40 Kads
4″ narrowed adjustable beam, drop spindles, 195/50×15 front, lowered 2 outer notches, 22560×15’s out back.
PPG Sunburst orange, black interior

This SimpleViewer gallery requires Macromedia Flash. Please [...]