Why no front brakes????


I have noticed that most sand rails and dune buggies have no front brakes. What gives?  ???

What do you think of this idea? Ya'll know my buggy is a 64 with just the body off and rails welded to the stock pan. Very light. Couldn't I take off the front brakes and convert the rears to disc? No particular reason for this except I want disc brakes but can't afford to put to much into them.

Would I be better off sticking with the stock configuration?  :-\ I mean I aint going offroad much.

PS. If the aint offends you, I'm Southern. get over it!  :P

Spindle mount wheels were the cool thing for buggies 20 years ago.
It still is a popular thing for light sand cars.

If you can find the backing plates, just put the drum brakes back on.

you would have to get spindle mount wheels if you 86'd the brakes. 

"most sand rails and dune buggies have no front brakes. What gives?"
Haven't seen a lot of buggies without front brakes but on true sand only rails not having them prevents plowing under,sliding out or swapping ends on hard stops.


a Sand Toys chassis @~700lbs dry(considered pretty heavy for sand only),but it's set up for hardpacked high desert running with the stock K&L front drums and,oof! :D -beeefy early Porsche 944 rear discs

pricey :o ,~$1000 for the whole setup used in '80's cash on an IRS framehorn,I'd guess yours to weigh in ~the 1100-1200lb range dry given that it has a full floor even though it's considerably shortened,looks like ~the same 92inches from front to rear spindles as mine.
In comes weight distribution :o :
Fuel weighs ~7lbs/gallon,my 8 gallon tank hangs down under the centerline of the chassis-just above the rear axle,so when I stomp on the brakes it's like a bowler holding the ball just under his chin and close to his chest while he stops his approach.
Kegger tank capacity x ~7lbs ~4' above the axle = the bowler trying to stop his approach while holding an unregulation ball at arms length over his head,he has no choice but to tip forward due to the momentum of the overweight ball too far above him.
That makes the rear brakes less effective because they're being pulled up off the ground when they're applied by the fulcrum effect,too much weight up too high is transferring all the work to the front brakes inviting a front rollover,eliminate the front brakes and you end up with no stopping traction on just the rears left over which would just result in uncontrolable skids :o .
Hope that made sense cuz I aint gonna repeat it LOL! :D  :P  ;) .
Build safe bro ;) .

Made perfect sense. I plan to put in a rear bench seat for the kids and move the Keg back and down over the doghouse. (got a lot of room between the front seats and the engine).

So you noticed how short it is to huh? I think a Manx style body would fit perfect if I wanted to go that route, but I like rails. No telling how this thing is gonna end up but I will keep yuns up to date.

For now I will just concentrate on getting the brake system dialed in with it's stock 4 wheel drum configuration and getting her up to snuff maintenence wise.

Thanks again


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